Eric Odera
“I am always impressed by Christine’s courteous and on time delivery of what she promises. I have used other assistant’s, before and Christine ranks among the best amongst them all.”
Ameerah Lewis
Christine, you don't understand how much of a blessing you are! Oh my goodness. I woke up this morning and looked in my email and I nearly wept with joy. You have taken such a load off of my shoulders. You really don't know. I have been carrying all of this around and it has been taxing me and stealing my peace and joy. Read More!
M. Carman, Keller Williams
Christine Davis IS my Anointed Assistant. I couldn’t be successful without her help and input. She’s organized my multitude of data bases into one so I could get everyone my newsletter. She keeps my newsletter updated with new articles and information. Read More!
D. McNeal, II, Professional Speaker
If you are looking for a VA who cares about you and your business, than look no further. If you are looking for a VA who is honest, sincere, dependable, and courteous; then look no further. If you are looking for a VA who makes a fantastic representation of you and your company to your clients, colleagues, and constituents; than look no further. Read More!
C. Higdon, Excelsion Mortgage
I had the pleasure of using Christine of Anointed Assisant for a number of tasks related to my email and website maintenance. She did an excellent job of keeping the clutter away from me so that I could focus on core tasks for our mortgage business. Read More!
Clestine Herbert, Divine Discipline

"If you are looking for someone who is personable, trustworthy and creative, then you have found the right person. The Anointed Assistant will always try to find a solution to the challenges and problems of your business. But what is most important is that she is trustworthy."